zhyper wow patch 9

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So zhyper long as the soul bags have room, any soul shards a warlock creates will zhyper automatically go into the bag.
Drop rates of Darkmoon zhyper Cards 2-8 (Portals 2-8, etc.) have been reduced.
A bug with the reputation system has been fixed that was preventing some awards to Horde and Alliance factions from being shared properly amongst all member factions of the team.
Blast Wave - Will now show spell data in the talent page.In addition, while enraged, the beast will be immune to Disorient effects (e.g.This is patch all in the interface options pane.Racial Traits Edit Troll Racial Abilities Edit Troll Berserking New functionality: Berserking is now an activated ability that increases your melee, ranged, and casting speed zhyper by 10.Seal zhyper of Command - The proc will occur more patch often, but will only do 70 of weapon-swing damage.Now lasts 10 seconds.

Soul Link - This spell can no longer rage be partially dispelled off rage the warlock.
Purify - Mana cost now based on a percentage of riptos base mana.
Added a note to the tooltip for spyro the Healing and Mana Draughts available in Alterac Valley that informs the player they are only usable in Alterac Valley.
riptos That panel allows a guild to enter long riptos term information and messages about the guild that is too long spyro for the message of the day.Bullzip 5 Freeware, patch Parent Paths is a program that will patch all references to parent paths.Rogues Edit Sword Specialization - Special attacks such as Sinister Strike, and Mortal Strike now properly trigger the chance to gain an extra attack.Arcanist's Bindings had more resistances than proper for the item, and these were removed.Netherwind Regalia - The 8-piece set bonus will now proc immediately upon completion of casting the spell, before travel time on the spell.Gnome Racial Abilities Edit Escape Artist Casting time lowered.Exorcism - Now usable on Demon targets in addition to Undead riptos targets.Bestial Wrath - Damage bonus reduced, duration increased.

This zhyper wow patch 9 includes Blind, Scatter Shot, etc.
User Interface Edit The Guild UI has been significantly improved.
There is now a Guild Info panel for each guild.