Xbox 360 Games on Demand FAQ.
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The difference in value is usually more than 15-20, and that is just way too much to pay for convenience.
Yeah, i did that too and still nothing.This is a hard question to answer because everyone has different ideas on value and worth, so while one person might be willing to pay a premium for a digital copy, someone else would rather just save money and buy games the same game at GameStop.Since it is important and may actually answrer your problems questiom Does your account country match your actual country?How do you know which Games on Demand are worth buying, and which ones to skip?Back to top, did this resolve your issue?If you know you're going to play the game a few times per week, or if it is a game you really like that you plan to play through multiple times over the weeks/months/years, having a Games on Demand copy always waiting for you.Im wired and here is my results.To do this, delete and download the game again.

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Buying a Games on Demand version of a game is usually going to cost more than engine a physical retail copy.
Halo 3, for example, loads multiplayer maps much more slowly so it isn't a recommended download) they perform exactly like the retail version.
Oknenah: Please go to t on a computer on the same network as your console, take the test there, and post the result image back here.How Much Is Your Time and Money Worth To You?The price difference between a GoD and a physical copy can be anywhere from 2-3 all the way up to 20-30 more for a digital copy.Read tips on which games to buy, as well as answers to any other Games on Demand questions you might have, right here.Generally, a used copy of an OG Xbox game will be quite a bit less than the GoD price, but there rfmicrowave are a handful of original Xbox games that have held applications their value pretty well and would be worth a look.Problem, you see the following microstrip error message when you try to play a Games on Demand game on your Xbox 360: This disc is unreadable.A good rule of thumb is that a 20 Games on Demand game is tempting enough that we would consider it over a physical copy if the price difference is 5-6 or less.Note, game demos are a no-cost way to add content to your hard drive.Take note of the size.Not having to spend filters the time to go to the store, not having to buy gas, not having to deal with the occasional snobby jerk who works (or shops there.) at GameStop, not having to wait on an item if you order it online, not.