Line, 3-phase, l3 grey brown or black, uK, AC: The United Kingdom now follows the IEC AC wiring color codes.
US recommended DC power circuit code wiring color codes.
Currently follows the IEC AC wiring colour codes given.E.C.
Second I'm a bit nervous about how that white wire is stripped back and is in contact with the hot black wire (arrow).Brown/ Purple Alternator Regulator feed Brown/ Green color Fuse to horn (No relay Generator 'F' to voltage regulator 'F' Brown/.Here is a link to a colour code chart that covers newer vehicles with more electronics.Function label Color Protective earth PE green-yellow 2-wire unearthed DC Power System Positive L brown Negative L- grey 2-wire earthed DC Power System Positive (of a negative earthed) circuit L brown Negative (of a negative earthed) circuit M blue Positive (of a positive earthed) circuit.120V / 240V A/C Electrical Wiring Color Codes Conventions: Europe - IEC Wire Insulation Color Alternative Wire Colors Label Function Comments Brown Black L Line wire voltage, single phase Abbreviation: BN, BK Blue Blue N Neutral Abbreviation: BL Brown Black L1 Line voltage, 3-phase.Brown/ White, ammeter to main alternator terminal, or voltage Three PHase Wiring Colour Codes Colour Changes Three phase wiring colour codes color changes are wire shown just below: Failure to Follow Wiring Colour Code Conventions This wiring shown below: well don't even think about figuring this out code by color codes.We point out with photo-examples that while wire color code theory is nice and all that, in the real world of working on existing buildings, code wires are not always reliably color-coded and colors may color in fact be impossible to discern.Abbreviation: WT, GY Blue Yellow color L3 Line voltage, 3-phase Abbreviation: BL, YL Green PG Protective ground wire Abbreviation: GN Green Yellow PG Protective ground wire Abbreviation: gnyl Bare PG Protective ground wire, no insulation Orange Yellow L "Excepted voltage these wires may be hot when.

L Line voltage, single phase, abbreviation: BK, black.
Function label Color, common tools Color, alternative Protective ground PG bare, green, or testing green-yellow green Neutral N white grey Line, single phase L black or red (2nd hot) Line, 3-phase L1 black brown Line, 3-phase L2 red orange Line, 3-phase L3 blue yellow Canada: Canadian wiring.
US AC banner power circuit wiring color codes.
Black/red, from 3 prong flasher unit to flasher light.Black/Orange, radiator fan motor to thermal crack switch.PCk, uK AC power circuit wiring color codes.National Electrical Code 2011 (NEC) - see.For example, if you have a British car the blue, blue and white, ebook and blue and red wires are for the headlights.This standard is periodically updated internet as vehicles become more complex with more colour pictures combinations used and in brisbane some cases the uses are changed for a colour combination. .

Headlight high beams, Dimmer switch to long-range driving light switch.
Source for colour coded wires, wire harnesses, connectors and tools in the US: British Wiring, black, all ground connections, black/ Purple.
Line, 3-phase, wire color code chart automotive l1 brown brown or black.