That doesn't sound right.
There is no installable media with for product Windows.1 center with Media Centre precompiled.
Hi, media I'm not sure how you are trying to get the installation media for Win.1.
The reason I ask is that there is a media way to download the Win.1 Pro ISO, create a bootable flash' or both.Preinstalled Win 8 license won't work.Here is a link with info on how to download a Win.1 ISO using a Win 8 key.When I check the current install, it has been activated using the valid key that the 'create backup media wizard' says is invalid!Win.1 Media Center, as you discovered, the installation of Media Center overwrites the base Win.1 key.I just checked the activation email again: the key in the media centre email is identical to one in the win 8 email.Leaving Pro out of it, the four types at play here are: Win 8, win 8 Media Center, win.1.All I am asked for is the product key.While performing clean instal i put the key which is obtained during my windows 8 purchase it says, the key is not matching.2 people were helped by this reply.When windows I enter the correct product key I am told that it is invalid and to please enter a valid one.

How satisfied are you with photoshop this reply?
While it is the typically crack annoying Microsoft three steps forward and 2 steps back, I would be perfectly happy to create a version win 8 backup USB and then later add.1 Pro media centre.
The thing is, there are many kinds of trial Win8 keys.
Thanks for kamen your center feedback, it helps us improve the site.Thanks for marking this as the answer.And ended up having a Win.1 install with a Win 8 Media Center key.Are you saying your Media Center key is identical to your Win 8 Pro activation key?Are you certain it was installed before the upgrade?All you need is a valid Win 8 key from some type of purchased media.You can only use a key for the specific software it is intended for, you cannot leapfrog the process.