turbo pascal version 7.0

"Borland Pascal 7" it's not same as "Turbo Pascal 7".
Program turbo factorial; function fact(n: integer longint; begin version if (n 0) then fact turbo : 1 else turbo fact : n * fact(n - 1 end; var pascal n: integer; begin for n : 0 to 16 do writeln(n, '!
Program factorial; function fact(n: integer real; begin if (n 0) then fact : 1 else turbo fact : n * fact(n - 1 end; var n: integer; begin for n : 0 to 16 do writeln(n, '!
Turbo Pascal for Windows.
Pascal (47) : program helloworld; begin writeln Hello, World!Here is available original distributives for BorlandPascal7 and for TurboPascal7 too.Program fibonacci; function fib(n:integer integer; begin if (n 2) then fib : 1 else fib : fib(n-1) fib(n-2 end; var i:integer; begin for i : 1 to 16 do write(fib(i writeln.This is Borland Turbo version Pascal.Integrated Development Environment, IDE).Turbo Pascal Turbo Pascal Web Update. .Also you can download any font only with one click for free.Administrator account is disabled.6.13.56 Generates automatically Reports for.

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