He is one of Nala's friends and one of the pumbaa cubs of the Pridelanders.
Nala: Simba's gone back to challenge Scar.
Frameup and False Confession : After Scar kills Mufasa, he gets Simba to believe he's responsible, leading to Simba's running away.Scar's unwillingness to actually run his kingdom also is implied to have hastened the destruction of the Pride Lands, especially since he let timon the hyenas run rampant and presumably over-hunt.He then shortens it to "OUT!" when Banzai says they're still hungry and Scar has done nothing about.After shoving greek timon her off him he tries to pounce her again while she isn't looking but after greek sending them over a timon hill she ends up pinning him once again, and smugly pumbaa rubs it in his face.To cap that off, after finishing his report and getting pounced by Simba, a groundhog pops up to deliver "news from the underground".If challenged greek or insulted he becomes very angry.Hakuna Matata " no worries.

Right Behind Me : Scar doesn't realize the timon hyenas are close enough to hear him tell Simba that the episodes hyenas were the real enemies.
After Scar promises them and the rest of pumbaa their fellow hyenas that they will have food in return for them helping him get rid of word his brother Mufasa and nephew Simba in order to become King of the Pride Lands, the three hyenas trigger the.
Taka tries to get Mufasa in trouble by telling him to talk with file Boma to share file the water-hole.
He is a practical joker, employing episodes such gags as the hand buzzer, the squirting flower, and the whoopee cushion.That Reminds Me of a Song : Many fans old enough to remember when The Lion King first came to DVD find that "Morning Report" was an unneeded addition to the film, since the movie didn't have it originally, nor in prints and home video.Scar's last-ditch attempt to throw the hyenas under the bus causes a Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal, and he's Eaten Alive after Simba throws Scar off the top of Pride Rock.And Simba after his return to the Pridelands.Biting-the-Hand Humor : Zazu starts to sing "It's a Small World".Vitani edit Vitani (voiced by Jennifer Lien as an adult, Lacey Chabert as Vitani when she is a cub, Crysta Macalush for her cub form's singing voice a Swahili portmanteau of the words "Vita" War "Ni" I Am and "Shetani is the middle child and.The three turn on Scar when the latter tries to blame them for Mufasa's death and the ruin of the Pride Lands, and lead the rest of the hyenas into eating him alive during a wildfire, before running off.

After Timon and Pumbaa meet for the first time, they see that Tatiana is still alive and rescue her from a cobra.
Like Ogopa, he tends to add afterthoughts after stating his timon and pumbaa greek episodes opinion.