super section sketchup plugin

After purchase of a license, an email will be sent, which contains a license plugin key.
It will place the sketchup section cut on its own layer with its own scene.
section A new menu option, super section will be available.You will then see a "License manual activation" section with detailed explanations depending on which version of the Sketchup plugin you plugin are using ( V1/V2 or V3).If you are using Maxwell Render Suite (.If license validation is super successful, you should see a window similar to super this: Checking the plugin's About box, you should see that the license type is now reported as Standalone: If the Maxwell Fire window was open during this process, it may be necessary.Enter your information, enter your email address, password, and license key, then click the Activate sketchup button:.a Success.To activate the license on your machine, follow these steps:.You must login to view this thread!

Nothing you sketchup add will be visible on any other scenes.
It also switches the sketchup camera from perspective to parallel projection, and aligns the number view with the section plane for that scene.
The explorer new layer will be the active layer when the plugin finishes. Create as many super sections as you like.The, golden Section can be expressed like, aB / BC BC / AC (1).This could be due to one of several logic reasons: The administrator may have required you to register before you can view this page.If that does not serial help, or for issues reported by the License Activator itself, please contact Next Limit Tech Support, through your portal account, including the exact text of the error, along with information about the machine and operating system you are using.Plugins Maxwell and click, license Activator : The, license Activator item only appears when the plugin has not already been licensed. The new layer will be visible only on that scene - not in any existing scenes, or future scenes that you add.If this does not help you to diagnose the issue yourself, please contact Next Limit Tech Support, through your portal account, and send them the log file, along with a update description of the situation, including information about the machine and operating system you are using.Manual License Installation, when installing a license file manually (as opposed to using the License Activator as described above it is necessary to know that the name of the file should be maxwell_maxwell_c, and that it should be placed in the regular directory for Maxwell.Super Section, places an existing section cut on its own layer and it's own scene, and aligns the view.Troubleshooting Firstly, please see the main Node Locked licensing documentation, here.Make a section cut in your model, then right-click on the resulting section plane.Please log in to the Customer Portal and under the "Licenses" section of links, click " View section licenses ".

If, on the other hand, the License Activator appears to work super section sketchup plugin fine, but the plugin is unable to obtain the license when it is started, open Explorer or Finder and locate this file: Windows : Mac OSX : This is a text file, viewable.
Manual license activation If your computer does not have an internet connection, or the license activator cannot connect to our servers for some reason, you may also manually activate your license through the Customer Portal.