The average pot as measured by the mean is 30,000; measured by the median it is 17,000.
At some point Britain will think again about whether to state return to some form of compulsory annuities.
This would broaden the range pension of flexible products available, offering both an income for life and pension the chance to keep increasing the size of their fund.
If they fall on hard times for any reason, they will expect the state to bail them out."It changes will end in tears but a long time hence says Steve Groves, chief executive of specialist annuity provider Partnership.Last-minute state dash expected for master trust authorisation.This will be the period running up state to the May 2015 pension general election, when stories suggesting that the economy is humming will do Osborne no harm whatsoever.The previous Government introduced a cap on charges in auto-enrolment schemes and changes to governance arrangements.Stephanie Hawthorne, february 7, 2019, most Viewed.Many industry insiders think they will prove to be a mistake, although that won't be evident for some time.

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So, Groves is almost certainly right.
The average people save for old age as measured by the mean is 30,000; measured by the median it is 17,000.
If I run out of money, the state can look after.".Greens: citizens pension of 180 pw for single person; reductions in tax relief; a new state earnings related scheme; uprating for pensioners in the UK and overseas.It will take only 2 minutes to fill.In any case, how to ensure adequate retirement incomes without placing an undue strain on the public purse is likely to continue state to be game a challenge.Only 8 of UK investors ready to comply with EU srdii.Active memberships of workplace pensions, as percentage of all employee jobs,.The second reason fall annuity rates are low is that we are living longer.Stephanie Hawthorne, february 7, 2019, on the go: Only eight master trusts have applied for authorisation with the Pensions Regulator, leading to expectations that there will be a last minute dash as the March 31 deadline looms.This will not be popular or, given an ageing population, sustainable.But Britain engine is a low-wage fall economy, and the amounts many workers will be putting away are not going to add up to a big pension pot even after 30 or more years of contributions.There are, though, two more reasons why annuities are currently so low.The chances of this dream scenario materialising seem remote.Ukip: flexible SPA; support for the triple lock and a simpler, single-tier state pension.But it's no real surprise that the chancellor announced what some believe will be the death knell for annuities.Annuities were not envisaged for people who give up work in their late 50s and live well into their 80s.