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Lieutenant Commander Data : Second Officer / Senior Science Officer / Senior Operations Officer (2364-2379).
Novellas short novels " The Other Side " " The Worst of game Both Worlds " " Brave generation New World " Comics Edit TNG comics have been published since 1988 by a variety of companies.
TNG content can also be found in Star Trek reference magazines such as the Star Trek Fact Files and Star Trek: The Collector's Edition.
Enrolled in Starfleet generation Academy in 2367, before resigning from Starfleet all together to become a Traveller in 2370.
Lieutenant.g./Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander/Commander Worf : Chief of Security/Senior Tactical Officer (2364-2371, 2379 Executive Officer (2380-onward).When the player goes to the transporter room, planning to beam to a destination, he can choose his crew to bring along.Replaced T'Lana in 2380, much to the relief of the Enterprise crew.The engineering terminal gives the player control over ship repair duties, in a similar style to the PC game Star Trek: The Next star Generation A Final Unity.Star Trek: The Next Generation comics DC Comics Original mini-series: ".The novel series Titan, Stargazer, and to a lesser extent Klingon game Empire and New Frontier were direct spin-offs of TNG, with many characters crossing over.The Genesis version has diplomatic star sequences wherein the player reasons with various entities (ranging from Romulan commanders to miners on a desolate moon and the results have profound outcomes on the course of play.TNG imagery can also be found in the Ships of the Line calendars." " Lies and Legends!After you play this Star Trek the Next Generation game why not check generation out and play our other free online Star Trek games?Briefly left the Enterprise twice in 23 to head Starfleet Medical.The graphics are great, the atmosphere cool, and it star really is like taking control.

Star Trek: The generation Original Series and, star chernobyl Trek: The Animated Series.
Replaced Lieutenant Commander Vale in patch 2379.
The phaser, tricorder, and various specialized devices (such as medical equipment) are used in the game to interact with the environment.
game Replaced Lieutenant Yar after her death in 2364." " torent Kingdom of game the Damned " full " Wet Behind the Ears " " The Way of the Warrior " " Devil's Brew " " The Dogs of War " " Shore Leave in Shanzibar!In short, the game boasts of good tactical combats and well designed future setting.Star Trek: The Next Generation collected short stories, novellas and short novels Strange New Worlds I : What Went Through Data's Mind.68 Seconds Before the Satellite Hit " " The Naked Truth " " The First " " See Spot Run " " Together.The game's intro mimics the intro of television series.You don't know what's out there, so take a ride on this thrilling Next Generation game and be a captain in charge!Doctor /Commander Beverly Cheryl Crusher : Chief Medical Officer (2364, 2380 -onward).Killed in 2379 aboard the Scimitar.Marvel Comics was awarded the license in 1996, around the release of Star Trek: First Contact.In 2007, The Next Generation celebrated its 20th Anniversary.There were 178 episodes produced over excel seven seasons, making it the longest running.