Globally we are beginning to get quite a few contacts with other workers.
Often people wont get involved because share they have another political agenda like mcdonalds Loyalism or something, but share almost mcdonalds everyone has share a good laugh.
For this to work and make 3D printing a mainstream technology, it share would need a big share technology partner.
B) the higher echelons of management?McSues' strength is that it's relevant to workers, it contains the same sort of jokes we all make at the expense of the company every shift.What has the response and feedback been to McSues been like?The other workers, the crack, the banter.We're still in the early stages, but already it has reminded workers that they're not alone in how they feel about mcdonalds the company.

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Location: project London Language(s Only English Required Date Added: View Support Engineer- Bristol / Bath - 35,000 benefits An exciting opportunity to join an exciting, fast-paced and growing organisation has just come.
We have no official membership share and no dues so please mcdonalds take the initiative in (dis)organising your store and spreading the resistance (please be careful and remember McDonalds record of attempting to silence all who oppose it).So instead of members, we've got contacts.Deal, register with your email address at this online site and be the first one to get notified about amazing deals, massive discounts and more.Source: The Register, become a Patron!Normally you would think there was some problem at the post office or something, but here there is a precedent.What is important is that their whole system of production, the constant prioritisation of speed, the obsessive cutting of costs at every level, that this is never brought into question, never exposed as the dangerous exploitative practice that.