patch blade and soul

Among the patch notes also mark the opening of Mushins Tower final floor; Naryu Labyrinth as well as a level challenge event in celebration of Warlocks release to the game.
Absorb soul Freezing Burst, Frost Wave, and Frost Breath no longer cause instant death in Normal difficulty.
They can be obtained by salvaging the corresponding accessories.
We recently showed off the Blade Soul: Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan update on the Blade Soul Twitch channel.Blade Soul: Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan is NOW live!With the Kuranos Cube returned to the inner sanctum of Nightfall Sanctuary, the alcove doors have opened once more.Read More, if you run into any issues with this update, be sure to check the Known Issues thread on the forums for things were already blade working.Hive Queen in Temple of Eluvium now has an equal chance to drop sealed or unsealed Hive Queens soul Rancor/Barb/Husk.A new Skill Visual Lotus blade Illusion Skill is available.Moonshine / Firefall / Sidewinder (C) Replaced patch the Chains tag with the Disable Approach tag on the Hongmoon Secret Technique Moonshine (Move 2 Firefall (Move 2 and Sidewinder (Move 3) tooltips.Summoner - Way of the Swarm / Way of the Thorns.New Achievements have been added soul for completing the new "Temple of Succession" Side Story quest, achieving top rank in Brood Chamber Challenge mode or Shackled Isles, reaching level 60 blade and enhancing skills.Kill monsters and participate in random events throughout the day to earn additional blade rewards.New Systems Preview, a series of new systems were added to Blade Soul to give bonuses when you use thema Unity system that will reward you with Splendor Stones, which are used to customize your characters attribute bonuses, a Skill enhancement system available at level.

(This has been updated on March 15) Talismans can be evolved, check the Equipment Upgrade Path in-game for more details.
A new account level system called "Unity" has been added to the game.
Tiger Strike now patch has a higher chance to trigger effects from weapons, accessories, and gems.
Impact (1) Added Focus Recovery tag to the tooltip.Lightning Draw / Searing Slash (4) Lightning Draw and Searing Slash now increase Critical keygen Hit Chance by 10 instead of Critical.New Soul Badges are available to be purchased at the Tower of Infinity Exchange novo Merchant NPC.You can change the specialization of your accessories cracker by Evolving a Level 10 or Awakened legendary accessory software for a cost of 1 Moonstone or 1 Elysian Crystal depending on the accessory.Tabs in the Manage Equipment window are now hidden when they do not apply to the selected item.Dual Dragons (F) Added Parry Piercing and Focus Recovery tags to the tooltip.Gems The transmutation cost has been reduced for the following gems: Hongmoon really Pentagonal Hongmoon Hexagonal Hongmoon Heptagonal Hongmoon Octagonal Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Hongmoon Gilded Square Existing Dyad Gilded Triangular Gem transmutations have been removed.Frost Armor (Tab) Added HP Recovery tag to Frost Armor Base, Move 1, episode and Move 2 tooltips.Additional slots can be unlocked with Gold.

Read More, fortune Falls In-game Event, july 25August.
Divine Dragon Bracelet now causes Kingfist to deal patch blade and soul 150/240/340/480 of Attack Power as additional damage while the Gold Dragon effect is active, down from 180/300/420/600.