nbme 11 answer key

U(pesxo/mhn first singular.
Twn qewn e)xqrwn genome/nwn h(min polla/ te kai kaka e)pa/qomen.E)tolmwmen is indicative, answer imperfect, active of tolma/w.Pepei/smeqa, pei/qw, indicative, M-P, we have been persuaded.Prodoien, optative, aorist, active, prodi/dwmi.De/on h(maj w(j ta/xista nbme a)poplein a)po thj nh/sou, Since we must escape from the island as quickly as possible, let us board the boats.E)pe/qento, indicative, aorist, middle, e)piti/qhmi.For if she had not advised me what it was necessary to answer do, we would not have escaped.Until the stone is removed from the exit Line 14, a)ristan answer is infinitive, present.And if he hears you shouting, he will know where we are and, throwing another rock upon the ship, he will send us to Hades.Memaqh/kw, manqa/nw, subjunctive, active, I might learn.

A)pe/kruyan is indicative, aorist, active of a)pokru/ptw.
Ei)de/nai, infinitive, remix present.
Kekinhkw/j, alicia kine/w, participle, active, keys having moved.
Tiqe/nai, alicia infinitive, present, active, ti/qhmi.For Example: Line 1, alicia tou/twn d' ou(tw genome/nwn, With these things remix happening in this way Line 3, nefe/lhj prosgenome/nhj, because a cloud had come on Lines 5-6, kai/per selh/nhj a)pou/shj, although the moon was absent Line 27, a)ll' ou)denoj kwlu/ontoj, but since noone prevents.Bebou/lhsai, bou/lomai, indicative, M-P, you have wished.If you speak thus (I said) you are nbme women and not men.E)ka/lese third singular.A)fiknoumeqa first plural xxix-XXX,.Pefobhme/noi, foboumai, participle, M-P, having feared.

Katekli/qhn is indicative, aorist.
Past nbme 11 answer key Contrary to Fact.