Creator: Unknown, games guests: Halo Pyromaniac, Rebecca0315, MrPwong, watch Now.
Check back for city fresh Hunger Games often!
The lost city is one of the lost greatest hunger games custom maps created for Minecraft Xbox 360.
Creator: Halo Pyromaniac, guests: Watch games Now I was invited to a Hunger Games tournament hunger of champions against other big name Youtubers Creator: Exactly Gaming Guests: Stampylonghead, IBallisticSquid, LewisBlogGaming and Eagle Watch Now Aztec City which is a large city area with city ruins and many buildings.Creator: Skycaptin5, guests: Watch Now, a Forest Hunger games in a created forest area.Creator: Unknown, guests: Watch Now.Gamertag is xxstrigzxx will like to play please!I'd love for this server to be in my group, i got over a 100 active/none greif ( I've xbox played with most to check ) that would be very interested in this.Creator: Rebecca0315, guests: Watch Now, hitting the Mass Effect mash-up level that we converted into a Hunger Games.The Lost City Map Showcase: You may also like: m/watch?Contact me as soon as possible.Creator: Skycaptin5, guests: Watch Now, brown Slime Hunger Games with an odd name and lots games of slime.Sent friend request would love to play.

Creator: Skycaptin5 Lurker70, guests: Watch Now, based on The english Walking Dead including The Prison and Woodbury.
This is the hunger version 2 of generator ruined city city on pc i did not make the map minecraft so im not taking any credit for it message me on xbox at: oi F3aRz x if you want to play and ill tell you details in the party.
The map consists of some huge trees, huge ruin buildings, a cinema access and even a mcdonalds!
Ender Hunger Games as the dragon flies thomson over head causing extra environmental damage.Hitting the tips of the tree tops in a Hunger Games forest battle.Trinity City which is a massive city with great outside environmental themes.My gamertag is Xboxaddict596.In Cloud Cuckoo Land based on the Lego Movie.Creator: SinisterSmiles, guests: Watch Now, battle in a Hunger Games map inspired by generator the Wizard.