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On the game plus side, almost everything on the map is completely destructible, which is what made the first Mercenaries mercenaries so appealing.
ALL available trainers are for.If you have problems using a trainer in combination game with.FromI'm sorry, but this game was one of the biggest disappointments to come out game on the PS2.Esrb Rating: Teen.5 -.9 Good, as Mercenaries makes its current-gen debut with World in Flames, PS2 save owners don't mercenaries have to miss out on the destructive fun.Without question, the biggest disappointment about Mercenaries 2 for save PS2 owners will be the unappealing graphics that seem game to have been simplified for the console.Taking a tank out on a terror spree is one of the most fun aspects of the game as you bring Venezuela completely to its knees.You can lace a tree with C4 and hit the detonator as many times as you want, but it won't topple.From start to finish, this game took roughly 4 hours to beat.

Functionally, this seemingly watered-down PS2 version also has several gameplay issues that may annoy some players.
My biggest games complaint about the soccer environments is that for some reason trees and project shrubbery are among the only things that are completely indestructible, which makes absolutely no sense.
I'm sorry, but this game was one of the biggest disappointments to chomikuj come out on the PS2.For one, the story line was a complete disaster.ALL cases this is a, false alarm as, nONE of the Game Trainers @ games GCW contain known malicious code!31, 2008.5 -.9 Average.0 The Best, players:.0 -.4 Fair.Taking a helicopter on a tirade is a whole other element that makes the game worthwhile.One of my friends has this game for the Xbox 360 and keyboard he said that it took him about 10 keygen hours to beat, and he's a good gamer, so obviously, they left things out.After choosing, you are quickly thrust into the first mission, where you'll have to destroy enemy barracks and recover a hostage from Venezuelan forces.There is a hazy hue that seems to saturate everything in sight, limiting the distance of your view and making the environments appear somewhat dull.Screenshots / Images, slideshow.