hunger games map 1.8

How to install: Download the map from the link below.
For Minecraft.12.2/1.11.2, download from Server.
Server, players Status « 1 2 games ».
Only break leaf blocks, vines, and mushrooms.
Extract the file you have just downloaded.No hunger placing blocks, Other than water/lava buckets.Type appdata into the, run program, then press Enter.Karmza gelen pencereden.minecraft klasörüne tklyoruz.Açlan pencere appdata yazyoruz.This enables the admins/ game-master to start the game without breaking block games or using fly mods/ hacks.Harita Kurulumu, balata tklayp Çaltr yazyoruz.Dosyamz rardan çkarp Saves klasörünün içine atyoruz.Start Minecraft, the map is in Singleplay mode.Romania, singapore, spain, sweden, turkey, united Kingdom, united States.Map types: games Minigame, Survival, games hunger games Games Map.12.2/1.11.2 for Minecraft is a minigame map created by Wasted49.All Minecraft servers, hunger Games servers.8.9 servers, sort hunger by: Votes (Rank)NewestPlayers Online., austria.

Start, then type, run into search, after that click, run ).
The map has song the standard glass dome that has come to expect of engine these sorts of maps now, with a radius of around 250 blocks.
Have fun and play fair.
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If you become trapped you are also out.Once you die you are out, even if it was suicide/mob kill.Overall the map allows for exciting fast paced game-play.Australia, austria, belgium, windows brazil, bulgaria, canada, croatia.The map is designed for a maximum of 24 players microstrip and has ready patch loaded chests scattered about the map, be careful though some are booby trapped.