Starting philippines a pre-school Help parents prepare and equip their children with adequate knowledge to philippines excel in philippines school.
Ideal for: Fitness enthusiasts with people skills and a passion for helping others become fit and healthy.
Cons: Tight competition with established digital marketing agencies and consultants not only in the Philippines but also in other locations such as India and Australia.
It requires minimal investment, too.
Different ways to monetize blog: Google Adsense, brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, etc.Water refilling station, home ensure clean and purified water for every household.Particularly, Zumba instructors are in demand in the Philippines.Many shops, private and government offices, subdivisions, and commercial ideas establishments are setting up surveillance cameras in their premises for security philippines reasons.Cant find home a cosmetic product that cares for your sensitive skin?

With passion and games determinationplus a good location, you can succeed in this business with a modest capital (or no capital, running like how products Andoks started out ).
Why its a profitable business: thrones keyboard Many people are too busy to go to the market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.
Pros: Free or discounted financial education training.
Bike sharing business Reduce carbon emission and fuel consumption by starting a bike sharing or renting business.
Why its a profitable business: Get paid using your skills in helping companies drive more traffic to their websites.Currently games being funded through an Indiegogo campaign, the.Intense workload, as youll be juggling multiple roles when youre starting out until you form your own team.Capital: Php 5,000 to Php 70,000.Develop Facebook apps and other web applications for business and marketing purposes.Gardening and landscaping Turn your clients backyard into a breathtaking panorama.Janitorial services Start heat a janitorial service business.Legal services There are many legal services that businesses need, such as legal consultancy, notary, and litigation services.Capital: Php 1,000 to Php 3,000.Using trackers placed onto players kits, the miCoach delivers metrics on speed, pace, heart rate and more in real-time.Social media marketing services, help promote companies and their brands on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.Why its a profitable business: Professional dance instructors are usually booked for events such as birthdays, weddings, and private parties.A business idea that is games not in harmony with who you are will not only make you miserable but also waste a lot of your precious time that youll never get back.

Ideal for: Tech-savvy people who want to earn passive income.
Pros only choose those that are in line with their passion, home business ideas philippines 2013 core gifts, and values.