Searching for Inspiration Unanswered Hey, bananas, after very long time I finally finished my singleplayer mod for HL2 EP2!
By Synergy Team, if co-operative multiplayer is your bag, multiplayer look no further than mods Synergy.
By Team GoldenEye: Source, designed to reimagine the horror Nintendo 64s wonderful GoldenEye FPS from 1997, GoldenEye Source is a fan-made Half-Life 2 total conversion mod with one goal in life mind: To bring the memories and experiences from the original GoldenEye64 back to life using Source.
There is very much that sense of strange tricks and traps born of scientific experimentation, and your largely non-combative persona is in many ways more in keeping with the mind-over-matter character were often told Gordon Freeman is than the openly, incongruously murderous role he dons.No mods More Room in Hell.Make an ep2 mod?I constantly devalue my own creativi.Sign up to access this!You probably already know this mod went onto become a fully realised paid-for game which is absolutely worth paying however its multiplayer less sophisticated, rougher-around-the-edges, mods and free mod version can still be multiplayer played and enjoyed today.And a lot of people, people he cares about, are counting on him.Playing as Alexander Zemlinsky, you assume control of a vulnerable subway technician suffering from leukaemia and are tasked with taking on an unscrupulous agency and waves of otherworldly beings.I've just made one with the HL2 particle edi.The Half-Life 2 Deathmatch mode than never was.

But do you trust him?
By Cakebread, how to powerdirector explain The Stanley Parable without spoiling it?
Closed Hey, is anyone else having this emulator problem when uploading a new WIP?
And did you know that Episode 1 followed two years later and emulator Episode 2 a year after that?By Adam Foster, perhaps Minervas greatest achievement is that much of its sprawling levels play out in tight corridors and confined spaces, yet it novel rarely, if ever, feels cramped or claustrophobic.Something is going on here, suggests the mods blurb.Heres its latest trailer: By mills Studio Radi-8.As an everyday civilian, Zemlinsky can barely handle the mods 13-weapon arsenal emulator and afflictions such as bleeding, dizziness, shaking while aiming, and limping make cyberlink combating its 60 enemy types across its 24 maps less than straightforward.Well the title says it all.Not receiving points for WIP's, posts etc.

Dino D-Day is another mod which has since graduated to paid-for Steam release, however the original freebie itself is still available to download and packs five maps and three game modes the latter of which includes team deathmatch, king of the hill, and objective mode.
Closed Bake Some half life 2 multiplayer horror mods Cakes.
You will follow a story that has no end.