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Many had found their rest on the moon field of from battle whose names figured in the moon Book of Honor of the earth Gun Club; and of those who made good their return the greater proportion bore the marks of their indisputable valor.
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PDF ePub, kindle, payPal(GBP PayPal(USD Stripe(GBP Summary: This is the 4th book in the Extraordinary Voyages Series.Crutches, wooden legs, artificial arms, steel hooks, caoutchouc jaws, silver craniums, platinum noses, were all to from be found in the collection; and it was calculated by the great statistician Pitcairn that throughout the Gun Club there was not quite one arm between four persons and.This fact from need surprise no one.Artillerists always commanded the chief place of favor.After receiving the whole support of his companions, a few of them meet to decide the place from where the projectile will be shot, the dimensions and makings of both the cannon and the projectile, and which kind of powder are they to use.More books you might like: Excerpt: During the War of the Rebellion, a new and influential club was established in the city of Baltimore in the State of Maryland.However, his scenario turned out to be impractical for safe manned space travel since a much longer muzzle would have been required to reach escape velocity while limiting acceleration to survivable limits for the passengers.

The estimation in which these gentlemen were held, according pascal to one of windows the most scientific exponents of the Gun Club, was proportional to the masses of their guns, and in the direct ratio of the square of the distances attained by their projectiles.
In point of grazing, plunging, oblique, or enfilading, or point-blank firing, the English, French, and Prussians have nothing to learn; but their cannon, howitzers, and mortars are mere pocket-pistols compared with the formidable engines of the American artillery.
It's been some time since the end of the American Civil version War.The Yankees, the first mechanicians in the world, are engineers just as the Italians are musicians and the Germans metaphysicians by right of birth.In a single month after its formation it numbered 1,833 effective members and 30,565 corresponding members.One condition player was imposed as a sine qua non upon every candidate for admission into the association, and that was the condition of having designed, or (more or less) perfected a cannon; or, in default of a cannon, at least a firearm of some description.Among them were to be counted officers of all ranks, from lieutenants to generals; military men of every age, from those who were just making their debut in the profession of arms up to those who had grown old in the gun-carriage.From the Earth to the Moon tells the story of the Baltimore Gun Club, a post-American Civil War society of weapons enthusiasts, and their attempts to build service an enormous Columbiad space gun and launch three people (the Gun Club's president, his Philadelphian armor-making rival, and.Nothing episode is more natural, therefore, than to perceive them applying their audacious ingenuity to the science of gunnery.It tells the story of a Frenchman and two well-to-do members of a post-American Civil War gun club who build an enormous sky-facing columbiad and launch themselves in a projectile/spaceship from it to a Moon landing.Nevertheless, these valiant artillerists took no particular account of these little facts, and felt justly proud pascal when the despatches of a battle media returned the number of victims at ten-fold the quantity of projectiles expended.