Van Helsing in a horrific adventure inspired by the love work of Bram Stoker.
4 out.
Gamezebo, this game proves that a classic tale told with love refreshing twists, diverse protagonists who play off each other's discrete personalities, a vast repository of thoughtful challenges, moral dilemmas yielding different outcomes, and impressive art number and architecture will produce a winner irrespective of the format.View all, what Curators Say 9 Curators have reviewed this product.Travel the world in search of the Knights of the Order of the Dragon and attempt to thwart the terrible serial plans love of the dark Queen!Game Features: Stunning artwork, dark atmosphere, incredible gameplay, beautiful Hidden Object scenes.It has both style and substance, and is worth playing at least a couple serial of times for all fans of vampires and/or casual adventure games.Count Dracula awakens, weakened and stripped of his powers after years of healing from his last battle with.To save the world, an uneasy alliance must be serial formed between the Prince of Darkness and his eternal enemy, Van Helsing.Reviews, it's heavy on story, atmosphere, and puzzles!Bonus gameplay, built in Strategy Guide, kills stunning Soundtrack and Other Multimedia.AadventureGamers, about This Game, the Queen of Vampires emerges from the ashes of history, seeking to destroy the world of humans and rule over its ruins!Wonderful Wallpapers, waterlily Games is a studio of Frogwares.No one, human or vampire, will stand in her way!

Not a game standard hidden object or silent casual adventure game, Dracula: Love Kills builds a bridge between genres and provides a puzzle-centric experience that plays less like a hidden object game and more like a puzzle game with a narrative.
He can not face his impropias evil rival, the Queen, on his own.
Join the legendary vampire count and his faithful servant Igor as the join forces with.
Multiple challenging puzzles, over 40 locations to explore, influence the gameplay and choose your own game ending.
Only you can decide.Will they overcome their hatred and stop the Queen?That alone is almost worth the price of admission, and Dracula: Love Kills is definitely worth a look.Click here silent to see them.4.4 out of 5, jayisgames, engine there's lots of top-notch hidden object searching, plenty ground of puzzle solving and finally, control for once, a chance to play the bad guy as a really bad guy.Or will this engine fragile alliance fail, condemning humanity to destruction?Waterlily and Frogwares are trademarks of Frogwares.