I will show this game from the beginning to the end.
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This passage of defeat game Day of Defeat.Bruss's CS Source DM/GG Server #1.Status: online, address: Connection Port: 27019, query defeat Port: 27019, type: source, game: cstrike, map: de_tides, players: 13 /.Players list, defeat name, score, time, bloodredsky 154 00:33:48, brOmIsTa-DZ -1 00:00:42.Cipko 28 defeat 00:15:03, danaez 66 00:27:22, fantomas 99 02:45:15, firs 131 defeat 02:34:31, defeat los Pollos 60 04:36:04, min9aLa 0 00:00:41, politican 33 02:00:24.Day of Defeat is a multiplayer shooter that simulates defeat squad-level infantry combat between defeat the adversa.

Guide, passage of game Day of Defeat.
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