Don't give GG points from Barbarian ranged attacks.
Custom settlement AI for Inca: Inca should now consider hills more favorably; hills bordered by one or more mountains get an additional bonus.
As a result, the statement should no longer be triggered by a quick succession of DoWs (such as those done automatically by a CS changing allies).
This is to address players running out a bit too early in larger games.
In the detailed view of a mod in the mods browser, patch additional required mods will fall display their title if it has been provided instead of the ID of the mod.Scales fall up and down (between 28 and 80) based on relative intrinsic combat strengths of the two ships.A human player's civ icon patch will now show as unmet in a multiplayer match until the local player has met that civilization.To work around it for now, make your choice quickly.Added 3 fall more City-States (Vilnius, Bogota and Wellington, one of each type).Influence anchor point fall increase gained patch from pledge to protect is now 5 (was 10).Tourism: Further Benefits from Tourism when Influential with another Civ.It's only available patch at Turn.AI, dutch now will build farms before polders are available.Messages about a player being resurrected are now included in the replay log.Assuming they weren't putting the embassies on the table themselves).Fixed a bug where gold per turn gained from resolutions would not be displayed correctly.

Builders will emphasize the capital so that it will always be a book nicely developed city.
This is driver now fixed.
Tall/Wide Religion Balance Change: Add Grand Temple (National Wonder).
Bugs Fixed an issue where you receive a Free Building in a city that had hard built the same building.Should mildly steer towards tiles that are near unclaimed resources.Categories : Community content is available under, cC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted).Multiplayer: Invites to standard internet multiplayer games were only bringing the player to the main menu if they accepted when the game was not running.Added a tooltip for warmonger penalty and/or liberation bonus to the Annex/Liberate/Puppet popup.Custom settlement sound AI for Netherlands: Will now tend to favor marshes and flood plains when choosing a site to settle.Also exposed delegate equation values to XML for future tweaking and ambitious modders.At lower resolutions, the resource icons clip into the date display along the top.C will forget that A liberated any of their cities.If you are already encountering the error, open your i, and set FullScreen.Will now only be cancelled with keygen a Declaration of War or by elimination of one of the involved Civs.Better driver Next Unit selection.This has been fixed.Diplomacy: Peace treaty duration scales with game speed.Space Race AI: Don't subtitle consider capitals to be "medium patch cities".

When you finished a tech and the extra research was being applied to the following tech).
Helicopters now take damage when ending their turn over mountains.
UI: Fixed the logic for calculating the total number of original civ 5 fall patch capital cities a team owns and determine if there is a clear winning team.