Controls are limited to two buttons.
The 100, if connected via audio USB, will ground the signal via that connection.
Move to higher resolution source material, and the good news continues.
Build audio quality is fine, using the same metals as the larger DAC and available in the same choice of silver or black.Both the 100 and the Plus feature a ground lift switch.Overall were happy with the way this DAC handles instrumental strands and keeps a tight grip on everything even when cambridge things become busy.The XS is cased in a smart aluminium shell its nicely cambridge finished and feels classier than cambridge the price implies.It has as many ins audio and outs as most people will want and covers the same ground in terms of high definition capability.Compared to the Marantz it was slightly, very slightly, cooler in tone and maybe a little more open, allowing fractionally more air around the performers but at the expense of being more recessed.The Cambridge delivers plenty of insight and has an appealingly delicate way with vocals theres natural warmth here and a nice full-bodied balance.I did give both of the Cambridge DACs a listen in my second system where they gave a creditable performance with the Lym Audio.0 Tripath based amp.Apple dacmagic users will be fine without.More: Best Buy DACs, Awards 2013, cambridge DacMagic.

On paper the generator Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS USB DAC seems too good to miracle be true.
But the DragonFly.2 is only 30 more and miracle is definitely worth spending extra if only for the notable jump in sound quality.
These are bordering on indistinguishable from the Plus and generator very decent.
With components as close in performance as these it hack is not really possible to ascribe differences accurately to a single part of access the signal chain.The first part looked at the DacMagic Plus, a fully featured DAC retailing for around 350.Were impressed by generator the build quality.This was true whether we used AKGs hack excellent.It is around half the size and weight of the more sophisticated unit and is the type of DAC that is likely to be tucked away and left to perform at the back of the rack.Review updated.01.14 See all our DAC reviews Follow m on Twitter Join us on Facebook Find us on Google.Either DAC will probably bear out their manufacturers claim of improving virtually any (budget) digital source.The Cambridge DACs are not known for their bass performance and although it was not a weighty sounding device the was perfectly acceptable in that respect.Its easy to carry around with a laptop, and is truly portable as theres no need for an external power source (apart from the computer itself).Copyright 2013, andy Norman - -.The ground lift offers the option of disconnecting that earth connection if it should cause a hum.If you can't spend a penny over 100 then the DacMagic XS represents a really good buy it's exceptionally well made and produces a wonderfully refined sound for the money.

Its a small unit, as is the cambridge audio dacmagic 2 dac way with this breed of USB DAC.
Personally I favoured the smaller DAC for its much lower price and at least comparable sound.