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Finally, he stopped, and looked paper at Jack.
I think Im going english mad, said Jack to himself.
30 5 The mysterious parcel.
level Registered specimen Office: International House, Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XE). 30 3 Maintaining open and honest lines of communication strengthens relationships between parents and children.You are advised to spend 50 level minutes on Section A and 40 minutes on Section.Glossary language scarecrow a model of a person put in a field to scare away birds /p p DO NOT write IN this /p p Copyright Acknowledgements: Section A Reading Philip Pullman; Four Tales; Random House.Come and help me!

The scarecrow stood there in the with wind and water rain, taking no notice.
Mr Pandolfo would undoubtedly have been impressed.
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But one night there was a fire thunderstorm.
Now, Jack, I want to move on, said the scarecrow, but I need another leg.His voice was rich and sonorous.p p Mr Pandolfo put together a fine-looking scarecrow, dressed him in an old tweed suit, and stuffed him with straw.As a leading company which specializes in the sale of computer hardware and software, cellular phones and accessories and a wide recordervcr range of business machines, we are inviting application for the position of Senior Sales Person.Qualifications and Experience: Five (5) Ordinary Level subjects including English Language and Mathematics.Read the paper carefully before answering the questions.Ability to supervise clerical staff in the Sales Department.Or b) After all the embarrassing things I had done, level I never expected my parents to forgive and welcome me back home.Just like this one, only the opposite, he added, and lifted his trouser leg daintily to show a stout stick set firmly level in the earth.Write your answers on the separate answer recordervcr paper provided.He had a tattered straw hat, now badly singed, a soggy woollen scarf and an old tweed jacket full of holes.His head was made of a great knobbly turnip, with a broad crack for a mouth, a long thin sprout for a nose and two bright stones for eyes.

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Section a level english language specimen paper 2014 B (20 marks answer the following question.